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Tango Club of Albuquerque presents

Fabián Salas and Lola Díaz

January 18-20, 2019

Lloyd Shaw Dance Center

5506 Coal Ave. SE, Albuquerque, NM

Fabián Salas is an internationally renowned tango dancer, teacher, researcher and choreographer with over 30 years of experience. He has been awarded Outstanding Personality of Culture due to his distinctive approach to the dance. He teaches with love and talent, combined with a profound understanding of this intricate dance of tango.

Lola Díaz is a sweetheart. You'll fall in love with her smile. Her patience and extensive understanding of the dance will make your tango experience a truly wonderful one.

Together, Fabián and Lola make a great couple. Their chemistry and knowledge will make your tango journey both interesting and fun. You'll quickly learn to dance while enjoying the ride.


Friday, January 18
7:30-8:45pm, Volcadas
8:45-10:00pm, Practica

Saturday, January 19
2:00-3:15pm, Colgadas
3:30-4:45pm, Vals, Musicality, and Rhythm

7:30-10:30pm, Milonga at Enchantment Dance Studio, 337 San Pedro Dr. NE, Albuquerque
$5 cash at the door. DJ: Kipp Chynoweth

Sunday, January 20
2:00-3:15pm, Enrosques
3:30-4:45pm, Intermediate-Level Milonga Lisa and Traspié

7:30-10:00pm, Free milonga at Kelly's. DJ: Michelle McRuiz

Limited private lessons are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Email [email protected] to schedule.
Cost: $135 cash or check payable to Fabián Salas.

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