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Subscriptions for Tango News

Tango News

Subscribe to Karen's Tango News List to receive up-to-date information on tango-related activities in Albuquerque and elsewhere in New Mexico, as well as select tango-happenings of interest around the country. Subscribers will receive the “TCA Tango Update” on Tuesdays, and “Tango This Weekend” on Fridays, plus other other select event reminders. Subscribe here:


TCA Member Announcements List

TCA club members are automatically added to the TCA Member Announcements List if they provide their email address when they join or renew their membership. Members on this mailing list receive TCA club member announcements and reminders of regular and special TCA events.

TCA values your privacy. TCA does not share mailing lists with anyone. Subscriber names are not visible to others in any message sent. You may unsubscribe at any time by using the subscription “preferences” link at the bottom of every email sent.

Web Only Option

You may also choose not to receive announcements electronically, and check for events news on our website at Latest News.

eGroup Option

Receive Tango News announcements and post messages to the eGroup by joining our Yahoo-sponsored eGroup. Membership requires approval but anyone may post (anonymous postings are not allowed). Visit our eGroup page to get started.

You will receive the TCA Tango Update on Tuesdays, plus Tango This Weekend and other event reminders issued in the spirit of TCA's educational mission. You may also receive messages from eGroup members, both affiliated and not affiliated with TCA. The main differences between the eGroup and the Tango News list are that eGroup subscribers may receive more messages (including tango-related promotions from non-TCA individuals or groups), and that eGroup members may post their own messages.

If you have any questions about list subscriptions please e-mail:


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